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Open tasks


Just FYI, I updated the Schedule in the wiki to be a bit more up2date

It was a bit out of date and I hoope it's in a better shape now -- more
stuff is likely to be added over the next days and weeks. In the future
I'll try harder to keep it up2date properly.

BTW, there are two task could really need someone to drive them:

 * Finish the wiki -- knurd did some updates and enhancements to the
EPEL space in the wiki; at least two people from the SIG or the Steering
Committee should review it; then we'll remove the "This is currently a
being worked on and not yet finished" warnings

 * Repolayout -- we need the testing repo in place and agree on the
final layout; adjust the release rpms accordingly. Do we need bodhi for
it? Or can tricks with the current push scripts suffice?

Any volunteers to help with getting those tasks done?


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