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Re: Proposal: Repository Community Collaboration Statement

Tim Jackson wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:

I have made some changes essentially converting this from a statement that individual contributors would have to sign to a project wide policy


If folks are happy with it I will help drive this through FESCo and Fedora Project board after getting some feedback. Any further comments?

I'm a bit concerned that you've undermined one of the base principles of my proposal Rahul. I put a lot of thought into *specifically* wording it so that it could be "signed" by any project. You've now turned it round and made it Fedora centric, so it doesn't make sense for another repo to sign. I can't see the sense in that. (It doesn't make sense for Dag, for example, to sign a statement saying "Fedora Project agrees to XXX").

If it involved a Fedora effort and if is the Fedora wiki it is already very Fedora centric. If you read the proposal it only requires a ack from third party repository maintainers that this is what they desire.

If you want to go back to the older proposal you can revert the wiki.


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