repotags proposal

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Sun May 20 13:49:47 UTC 2007

I wrote a quick proposal for repotags in EPEL. If people really want
repotags in EPEL please speak up in this thread -- I'd really like to
see that contributors really want repotags before I propose this
proposal for voting in a SIG meeting.

== Proposal for the use of repotags for EPEL ==

The EPEL Steering Committee hereby gives a agreement to use a ".epel"
repotag for all newly build packages in the EPEL repositories for EL4
and EL5. It's just an agreement to start using repotags after people
that are interested in repotags worked out a technical solution. Before
that solution is getting realized in EPEL it has o be proposed to and
accepted by the Fedora Packaging Committee, which is responsible for the
rules around writing spec files for EPEL (and Fedora) and thus has a
word to say in this discussion, too.

The EPEL Steering Committee gives this agreement only as long as
following points are meet by the technical solution:

 * it must remain possible to simply copy spec files between Fedora and
EPEL branches without modifications

 * no hacks to the buildsys or modifications to the rpms after their
initial creation

 * the repotag must be used my all packages

 * no abuse of the disttag

That agreement if given for EL4 and EL5 only -- the EPEL Steering
Committee would like to see a technical solution that properly solves
the problem repotags are trying to solve currently.

== EOF ==


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