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Re: only keep the latest package in testing?

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
Hi all!

I'm preparing the testing/ -> stable/ move right now; I noticed that in
testing there are often two versions of a package; random example:


I think that's fine for the proper repo (one can then reinstall the
older version for a short-term-workaround after a update hit the repo
that broke something), but I don't see much need for it in testing, as
one still can go back to the package from testing normally.

Thus I propose we keep only the latest version in testing/ in the
future. If nobody yells loudly over the next few days in response to
this mail I'll "just do it"(tm).


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Not responding because this is my package, just in general.

Thoughts: Something like F7-updates keeps all the various intermediate versions, so should we be more like that?

Personally I use testing like an "updates" repo, just only because "testing" is more current than "stable".

If this is based on it being a "testing" repo I am not sure that is right as different folks are using it in different ways, but then again, I'm not sure it actually matters that much either. What are the technical reasons for keeping it?


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