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Re: Bacula 2.03-10 director issues

Jason Hartley wrote:
I updated Bacula director package to bacula-director-mysql-2.0.3-10.el5 on
my centos 5 box and had some issues. One, the bacula-dir rc script wants
to run bacula-dir, but only bacula-dir.mysql exists.  Second, the catalog
backup script that is called in /etc/bacula/bacula-dir.conf wants to run
make_catalog_backup, but only make_catalog_backup.mysql exits.  I have
fixed the issues by using links, but wanted to find out if this was a know
issue or something new.  I image it is just a simple fix to a spec file.

Here is a file listing:
# rpm -ql bacula-director-mysql

These symlinks (and several others) should be set up in the %post script using alternatives.

Perhaps there was some error that prevented the %post script from running?

try running:
# alternatives --config bacula-dir
to fix up any remaining links


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