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Re: mock 0.8.9 for EPEL-5

Michael E Brown wrote:

> All,
>     Mock 0.8.9 is sitting in the upstream git repository. I have tested
> this version on RHEL5, and it appears to work satisfactorily there. I
> have fixed the last remaining issue that I have seen on RHEL.
>     There are a few config file changes, as well as a couple differences
> in command line behaviour from previous releases, detailed in my release
> announcement to fedora-buildsys-list [1].
>     What are people's thoughts on upgrading the EPEL5 version of mock to
> 0.8.9? I would like to upgrade EPEL5 mock to 0.8.9.
> Here are the benefits:
> Bugfixes:
>  -- There are several outstanding bugs in the existing version of mock
> on RHEL, including one bug that can result in removal of /dev/ on the
> host in some circumstances. These are all fixed in 0.8.x.

+1 upgrade, please.  I've personally had this happen on several occasions. 
Major suckage.

-- Rex

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