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Re: Spam-o-epel

On 21.11.2007 23:42, Mike McGrath wrote:
> Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
>> On 07.11.2007 19:29, Mike McGrath wrote:
>>> Interested in getting involved in EPEL?  Fix this script:
>>> http://git.fedoraproject.org/?p=hosted/fedora-infrastructure.git;a=tree;f=scripts/spam-o-epel;h=10dd4bc454f689758972bde45acf5b636fce5714;hb=HEAD
>>> A) it seems to take forever to run
>>> B) it doesn't email the list.
>> Just remembered that I wanted to reply to this -- there is a script in
>> extras that mails the list. Is that a different one then the one EPEL uses?
> It is because it integrates with koji. 

Well, there was one that mailed the list and the contributers back then
when there was no koji yet. It's afaics still being used for FE6.

Shouldn't that one work with small modifications for EPEL as well?


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