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Re: recruiting

On Nov 21, 2007 2:21 PM, Karsten Wade <kwade redhat com> wrote:
> We've done a fair job of attracting Fedora packagers to EPEL.
> Now we need to get all the other audiences to get involved, as package
> users, packagers, testers, and general community members:
> * General end-users
> * Academia and scientific users
> * Software and hardware vendors
> * General corporate users
> I'll take the lead on this task, but boy do I need help and ideas.
> Can we cook up a list of requirements or goals, so we can take some
> ideas to f-marketing-l to discuss publicity etc.?
> Note that there are connections growing between f-marketing-l and Red
> Hat's marketing groups.  That means this is a good time to exercise that
> relationship, since the target audiences are very similar for both
> marketing groups.
> cheers - Karsten
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If this somehow means getting more packages into EPEL, then I am all
for it.  I hate to advertise too early however for the general user of
EPEL.  Right now several packages I use all the time are not in EPEL
and my team keeps asking to use other 3rd party repos.  I am not sure
what the package count differences are between FC6-extras and EPEL
EL5, but I would be it's almost half.  I know most perl stuff isn't
there (though that's getting better) and many other projects just
haven't moved.

I would like to send out emails to the package maintainers one more
time, wait X days and then just branch them and have new
co-maintainers added in EPEL land.  We need a full repository before
we can advertise too much.  We're heading the right direction, and are
probably still ahead of critical mass adoption of EL 5, but we need to
hurry if we want EL 5 users to use EPEL and not come up with their own
solutions.  (which they might need to do anyway).

I am happy to help somehow though.  Next week I am hoping to get a
list of the most requested packages from my company and at least get
those contributors notified that we would like their package in EPEL.

Of course this really doesn't account for EL4, but I tend to think
most organizations have found their solution for extra packages for
their EL4 systems by now. The picking is rather thin there for EPEL.
Maybe we could put some concentrated effort in there also.  (Offer to
co-maintain or help packages build on EL4).  I know I had to change
the BRs on several of my packages to work with EL4.

Anyway, enough rambling and ideas.
As always, quaid, brilliant ideas.

Let us go forth and execute,


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