How to build EPEL Java packages using mock?

Richard Megginson rmeggins at
Wed Oct 24 18:24:12 UTC 2007

Hello. I have a question about building java packages for epel4 using 
mock (fedora-4-i386-epel.cfg). There are several yum repos that mock 
uses to populate the buildroot. But the ant package (and all of its 
dependents) are not in any of them afaict.  In RHEL4, ant and its 
brethren are in the RH Developer Suite v.3 channel.  Is there a 
recommended epel/centos yum repo that has ant?  Or, alternately, how 
should I add ant and its dependencies to my epel4 buildroot?  I found 
this - 
- but I'm hoping there is a solution that doesn't involve setting up yet 
another repo.
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