yum-cron and CentOS

Michael Stahnke mastahnke at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 22:50:59 UTC 2007

I spoke with z00dax on #centos-devel about a couple things.

1.  For a list of packages/modified add from RHEL base on CentOS you can see

I read through it and only saw a few yum things jump out at me and I
*think* they have all been addressed.

2.  The CentOS folks seem to want to work together when packages
require updates.  This mostly is from CentOS Plus , Extras but also
could apply to the base OS.  So, if you're an EPEL maintainer and
CentOS has a package, it wouldn't hurt to ping them with what/why
you're updating.

<z00dax>    if there is a package that comes via centos, and someone
thinks it needs an update / change / fix - we all gain by fixing it


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