changes in the wiki to improve workflow

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at
Sun Sep 23 17:07:09 UTC 2007

Hi all!

I worked a bit in the wiki in the hope to improve the EPEL SIG workflow
and to make the "do more on the lists" and "less in the meetings" a bit
easier for everyone.

I created special "tasks" pages for bigger EPEL tasks on our todo-list.
For example:

  We should collect information here what needs to be prepared for the
EPEL5 repo to be prepared once EL51 gets shipped. That page doesn't
contain much info, but it's a start

  This is a old topic that has seen some process, but not much. Seems
different people expect different things from this -- this page
hopefully helps to sort that out and realize it afterwards.

As many simple steps are not worth the overhead of a dedicated Wiki page
I created
to be used to collect small and easy tasks (e.g. those that can be
described with a few words and should be realized within one or two
weeks) to make sure they are not forgotten.

In addition I even created to make sure some
ideas for the long term are not forgotten as well.

Note that *everyone* is allowed and hereby *encouraged* to edit those
pages / add new tasks. I hope that way informations are written down
there and don't get lost in the noise of a list (which is more often the
case then I'd like).

The task owners should keep a close eye on the pages (¹) and make sure
they are up2date. I'd be really glad if all owners of the task that have
a dedicated page can give a weekly status update on the pages itself --
that way we avoid the "whats the latest status of <foo>" in the meetings
and the writer of the weekly report can just include it in the repo,
thus everyone knows what up and if tasks are moving.

The schedule page collects the most crucial informations from the
different pages and collects them to give a easier overview:

The topics for a meeting will be written to
-- but I'll try to send them to the list again more often ahead of the

Questions? Comments?


(¹) -- hint: subscribe to the page -- or even to all pages below
EPEL/Tasks to know where work is being done

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