dep checker script (was: Re: Log from todays (20080130) EPEL SIG Meeting)

Stephen John Smoogen smooge at
Sun Feb 3 17:52:15 UTC 2008

On Feb 3, 2008 7:37 AM, Thorsten Leemhuis <fedora at> wrote:

> > whether to run against CentOS or the private RHEL repos
> I'd prefer the private RHEL repos if that's possible without to much
> trouble. CentOS would be fine as well, but there are small differences
> (no PPC (yet) for example; small delay with updates, new releases)

Well how many people have PPC :)?

Actually I was going to look at testing against both. This allows us
to catch items where CentOS has something and RHEL doesn't.. and if
something conflicts with the CentOS 'extras' repo so that problems can
be managed correctly.

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