Announcement: Incompatible command line syntax for duplicity 0.4.9 update

Robert Scheck robert at
Sun Feb 10 17:16:13 UTC 2008

Good evening,

I'm the Fedora and EPEL maintainer of duplicity and I've to bring you bad
and even good news, if you're using duplicity <= 0.4.3, which is currently
everywhere in Fedora and EPEL.

Duplicity 0.4.3 currently has a security issue (CVE-2007-5201) and couple
of bugs which are fixed in duplicity 0.4.9 reaching the repositories soon.
Unfortunately, the upstream maintainer broke the duplicity command line
syntax in version 0.4.4 without backward compatibility. Regarding the other
bugs and problems fixed, see here:

duplicity >= 0.4.4 (NEW!):

  duplicity [full|incr] [options] source_dir target_url
  duplicity [restore] [options] source_url target_dir
  duplicity verify [options] source_url target_dir
  duplicity collection-status [options] target_url
  duplicity list-current-files [options] target_url
  duplicity cleanup [options] target_url
  duplicity remove-older-than time [options] target_url

duplicity <= 0.4.3 (OLD!):

  duplicity [options] input_directory destination_url
  duplicity [options] source_url target_directory
  duplicity [options] --verify source_url filename
  duplicity [options] --collection-status source_url
  duplicity [options] --list-current-files source_url
  duplicity [options] --cleanup target_url
  duplicity [options] --remove-older-than target_url

As of the reasons above it is not really possible to avoid this update, a
backport doesn't mostly work, as other code changed as well and the changes
between 0.4.3 and newer versions are pretty huge. And there also turned out
nobody willing me to help writing e.g. a wrapper or a patch bringing back
the compatibility in command line syntax again. But maybe I'm the only guy
using duplicity in EPEL 4 and 5?

Anyway: Re-watch your backup scripts, if you're using duplicity and change
them to use the new command line syntax if you're applying the update. I'm
worried about this, but I can't avoid.

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