epel task force? (was: Re: EPEL Meeting: Call for Topics)

Stephen John Smoogen smooge at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 19:57:10 UTC 2008

On Feb 12, 2008 10:23 PM, Michael Stahnke <mastahnke at gmail.com> wrote:
> Why does this task force have to wait until EPEL 6?  I think it would
> work now.  We need something to get the rest of the packages into
> stahnma

I don't think it needs to wait until EL-6. It needs to be ready by the
time a Beta occurs which could be anywhere from tomorrow to 6 months
from now. So we are going to need to firm up what the task force does,
and who wants to be on it.

>From Thorsten's email:
- Fedora owner wants to see his package in EPEL, but has no EL release
and no interest to run centos in a VM

- Fedora owner nevertheless builds his package in EPEL; the EPEL task
force (as a group, not as a individual) becomes comaintainer

- if needed (e.g. in case of EPEL specific bugs or a urgent update that
needs to be tested to quickly get it moved from testing to stable) the
Fedora maintainer yells "EPEL task force, please help".

- someone from the "EPEL task force" helps

It was the above that got me thinking about a 'Rawhide/Chewbone'
repository. The Fedora owner will want an easy way to know if their
package is building or not. Having an 'automated' build process that
doesn't 'pollute' testing with un-tested packages would be better for
them to know that their package can or cannot be done without
problems. The EPEL helper would work on finding which versions are
best to go into testing/production so that those areas are fairly to
very stable. But my idea has a lot of holes in it... I would probably
not call the 'test-tree' anything to do with EPEL more like

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