nagios-plugins build failure

Manuel Wolfshant wolfy at
Sat Feb 23 15:47:12 UTC 2008

On 02/22/2008 06:13 PM, Michael Thomas wrote:
> I tried a mock build of nagios-plugins for epel5 to test some local 
> patches that we're developing, and had the following error:
> Exception(/space/src/fedora/nagios-plugins/EL-5/nagios-plugins-1.4.10-4.el5.1.src.rpm) 
> Config(epel-5-i386) 0 minutes 26 seconds
> INFO: Results and/or logs in: /space/rpmbuild/mock/epel5/RPMS/i386/
> ERROR: Bad build req: No Package Found for perl(Net::SNMP). Exiting.
> Indeed, I can't find perl-Net-SNMP in the master repos at 
>, nor is it 
> available on my RHEL5 systems via yum.
> Where is the buildsys getting this package?
    I don't see perl-Net-SNMP in either or in so I'd say it has 
not yet been pushed to EPEL. Which is not odd, since build (mock / EL-5) 
fails with :
    ERROR: Bad build req: No Package Found for perl(Crypt::DES). Exiting.
Which in turn fails with
    ERROR: Bad build req: No Package Found for perl(Crypt::CBC). Exiting.
All of them build OK (including the latest spec available in devel), 
I've just verified in a local mock.

Andreas (for the CBC part) , Steve (-DES) and Spot (-SNMP):  cvs commits 
are open so if any of you need a hand in pushing these, let me know and 
I'll be glad to assist. I am interested in nagios, too...


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