Broken dependencies in EPEL - 2008-02-27

Michael Schwendt bugs.michael at
Thu Feb 28 16:21:06 UTC 2008

On Wed, 27 Feb 2008 23:08:09 -0000, Fedora Extras repoclosure wrote:

> ======================================================================
> Broken packages in fedora-epel-5-i386:
>     amavisd-new-2.4.5-1.el5.noarch  requires  perl(Archive::Zip)
>     evolution-bogofilter-0.2.0-5.el5.1.i386  requires
>     mail-notification-evolution-plugin-4.0-2.el5.i386  requires
>     mlvirsh-  requires
>     ocaml-libvirt-  requires
>     ooo2txt-0.0.6-3.el5.noarch  requires  perl(Archive::Zip)
>     virt-top-  requires

The RHEL virtualisation pkgs are in a separate repo. This is
missing in the yum cfg.

As why  perl(Archive::Zip)  is missing in RHEL5 and not CentOS5
puzzles me (right now -- I've not examined it). Same applies to as that is evidence of an ABI-incompatible update

> ======================================================================
> Broken packages in fedora-epel-testing-5-i386:
>     claws-mail-3.3.1-1.el5.i386  requires
>     claws-mail-plugins-dillo-3.3.1-1.el5.i386  requires  dillo
>     gnome-applet-sshmenu-3.15-5.el5.noarch  requires  ruby(panelapplet2)
>     gnome-applet-sshmenu-3.15-5.el5.noarch  requires  ruby(gconf2)
>     hunspell-he-1.0-7.el5.i386  requires  hunspell
>     koji-builder-1.2.3-1.el5.noarch  requires  createrepo >= 0:0.4.11
>     perl-ParseLex-2.15-11.el5.noarch  requires  perl(Parse::Token) >= 0:2.15
>     perl-libwhisker2-2.4-3.el5.noarch  requires  perl(MD5)
>     php-pear-PHPUnit-3.2.13-1.el5.1.noarch  requires  php-json
>     php-pear-PHPUnit-3.2.13-1.el5.1.noarch  requires  php-pear(PEAR) >= 0:1.5.0
>     python-Coherence-0.2.1-3.el5.noarch  requires  python-nevow
>     revisor-virt-  requires  python-virtinst
>     sshmenu-3.15-5.el5.noarch  requires  ruby(gtk2)
>     thunderbird-lightning-0.7-8.el5.i386  requires  thunderbird
>     translate-toolkit-0.10.1-1.el5.noarch  requires  python-enchant

I compare this against the results of a different script plus the CentOS
repos. A bad pkgs checker as opposed to repoclosure-modified. It tries to
determine the set of test updates that break deps whereas repoclosure
tries to find the pkgs that suffer from unresolved deps. This one is

source rpm: nikto-1.36-3.el5.src.rpm
package: nikto - 1.36-3.el5.noarch from fedora-epel-testing-5-i386
  unresolved deps: 

The EPEL5 test update build job results that break something are (ignore
the repoid, it's just debug output, the run was made against x86_64, too):

Packages that break dependencies:
    claws-mail-3.3.1-1.el5.src.rpm   (fedora-epel-testing-5-i386)
    hspell-1.0-7.el5.src.rpm   (fedora-epel-testing-5-i386)
    koji-1.2.3-1.el5.src.rpm   (fedora-epel-testing-5-i386)
    nikto-1.36-3.el5.src.rpm   (fedora-epel-testing-5-i386)
    perl-ParseLex-2.15-11.el5.src.rpm   (fedora-epel-testing-5-i386)
    perl-libwhisker2-2.4-3.el5.src.rpm   (fedora-epel-testing-5-i386)
    php-pear-PHPUnit-3.2.13-1.el5.1.src.rpm   (fedora-epel-testing-5-i386)
    python-Coherence-0.2.1-3.el5.src.rpm   (fedora-epel-testing-5-i386)
    sshmenu-3.15-5.el5.src.rpm   (fedora-epel-testing-5-i386)
    translate-toolkit-0.10.1-1.el5.src.rpm   (fedora-epel-testing-5-i386)

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