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Re: Zenoss Core

On Fri, 18 Jan 2008 13:19:35 -0500
Christopher Blunck <chris zenoss com> wrote:

> I wanted to join this list to get a better idea for where we can
> park our OSS "Zenoss Core" product such that it is included in
> subsequent Fedora releases, is considered for inclusion in upcoming
> RHEL releases, and is possibly also included in RHX (alongside our  
> commercial enterprise product).  I'm very new to the
> EPEL/Livna/Fedora repository landscape, but I'm very familiar with
> Linux, distros, yum, up2date, and all the other infrastructure.  I'm
> asking for a bit of help in understanding what repositories and
> processes feed distributions and releases so that I can understand
> where we should try to park our OSS "Zenoss Core" product.
> Any insight (wikis/FAQs/HOWTOs) that anyone can provide would be  
> happily accepted! :)

I can give a bit of overview.

RHEL is almost directly cut from Fedora package sets.  There are a few
things added that aren't in Fedora, and many things removed, but
getting something into a RHEL release has a much higher chance if it's
in Fedora already.

EPEL is something newly created, which is an addon repository for RHEL
brought to you by the Fedora community.  It's a place where packages
can be brought up to the RHEL standard and used by RHEL customers.  If
the demand is sufficient enough, there is potential to "promote" the
package out of EPEL and into RHEL proper.  However that comes with the
cost that a Red Hat employee would have to maintain the package, and
you would lose the ability to directly touch said package.

Does that help?

Jesse Keating
Fedora -- All my bits are free, are yours?

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