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Re: Zenoss Core

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Christopher Blunck wrote:
| Hello all,
| I work on the Zenoss project and we're interested in figuring out how to
| get our "Zenoss Core" product into the Fedora 8 repositories so that
| end-users can install us via a simple "yum install zenoss".  I sent a
| few private emails to Warren Tagomi to talk about what we had to do to
| be included in Fedora's repositories.
| The gist of that conversation was that we would not qualify for
| inclusion due to our dependence on Zope 2.x, which requires Python 2.4.
| Our solution to that problem under Fedora (as well as on other
| distributions) has been to ship our own python installation with our
| product.  Python 2.4 is installed under /opt/zenoss.
| Warren suggested I look into the livna repository, and I created a
| ticket there that asks that we are included in their repository:
|   http://bugzilla.livna.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1817
| After several comments it seems like the consensus is for us to use the
| compat-python24 package rather than ship our own version of python.
| We're working on that from an engineering standpoint.
| Thorsten Leemhius suggested we consider the EPEL repository since it
| feeds RHEL.  I replied saying that we're in RHX already (but not for
| Zenoss Core).
| I wanted to join this list to get a better idea for where we can park
| our OSS "Zenoss Core" product such that it is included in subsequent
| Fedora releases, is considered for inclusion in upcoming RHEL releases,
| and is possibly also included in RHX (alongside our commercial
| enterprise product).  I'm very new to the EPEL/Livna/Fedora repository
| landscape, but I'm very familiar with Linux, distros, yum, up2date, and
| all the other infrastructure.  I'm asking for a bit of help in
| understanding what repositories and processes feed distributions and
| releases so that I can understand where we should try to park our OSS
| "Zenoss Core" product.
| Any insight (wikis/FAQs/HOWTOs) that anyone can provide would be happily
| accepted! :)
| -c

Just to get some of my thoughts out there, RHX will probably be the best
place to host the "Enterprise" or no free bits.  For those of you
unfamiliar with RHX it is a place to obtain commercial open source, and
propriety, applications that are certified on RHEL.

RHX has always envisioned a perfect world were the community/free
version of the RHX product "lives" in the fedora and EPEL community, and
we use these packages as a base for the RHX offerings.  However its not
a perfect world and I would like to work more closely to the Fedora/EPL
guys then we currently do.

Some of the key questions I have for Fedora/EPEL is can Zenoss import
pre-built RPM's into the EPEL repository?  Or do they need to build
their packages in koji.  Currently RHX does not have a build system so
we do take pre-build RPMs.

For Zenoss will zenoss--core run with the compat-python24 package in Fedora?

RHX would be happy to help as much as Possible however not sure what the
next steps should be.

- -D

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