Conflicts in EPEL

Michael Schwendt bugs.michael at
Mon Jan 21 23:19:56 UTC 2008

A check against CentOS i386:

iwidgets - 4.0.1-4.el4.noarch
  File conflict with: tk-devel - 8.4.7-2.i386

perl-XML-RegExp - 0.03-2.el4.noarch
  File conflict with: perl-libxml-enno - 1.02-31.noarch

uw-imap - 2006k-1.el4.i386
  File conflict with: cyrus-imapd - 2.2.12-8.1.RHEL4.i386

gnucash provides
libgsf provides
  required by: wv2 - 0.2.3-3.el4.i386
  required by: libgsf - 1.10.1-2.i386
  required by: librsvg2 - 2.8.1-1.el4.1.i386
  required by: planner - 0.12.1-2.2.i386
  required by: gnucash - 2.0.5-3.1.el4.i386

And in EPEL 5:

uw-imap - 2006k-1.el5.i386
  File conflict with: cyrus-imapd - 2.3.7-1.1.el5.i386

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