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Re: Bugzilla problem


On 23.01.2008 15:38, Tony Molloy wrote:
> I've installed the latest bugzilla from epel-5 on CentOS-5. It appears to be 
> working OK from what testing I've done.
> However I have 2 problems.
> 1.   When I run testserver.pl I get the following
> [...]
> 2.  On the top of the login page I see the following.
> [...]
> Is this just an apache mis-configuration

Seems nobody can't or doesn't want to (¹) reply. I'd suggest you ask on
bugzilla specific forums and mailing lists for help; I suppose chances
are bigger to find help there. In case there is a problem with the EPEL
packages please file them in bugzilla.redhat.com, then you'll reach the
maintainer of the bugzilla packages in EPEL.

knurd (who never ever looked at the bugzilla package)

(¹) -- your post is not really on topic on this list; but also not
completely off topic and there is no epel-users-list, so it was IMHO
fine to post it here

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