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Do you want to be part of the EPEL steering committee?

Hi all!

The goal is to do most work to organize EPEL (aka "keep EPEL running and
improve it in the long run") on the list and just a bit the meetings;
there is also the EPEL mantra "Power to the people with no delay."  and
"make Steering Committee nearly unimportant" -- those mean in other
words: if you want to improve/realize something in EPEL you don't need
to be part of the steering committee to realize it; just post to the
list, ask for options, act in the open and if you got positive feedback
and if nobody yells after a few days consider your plans kind of
accepted normally.

But EPEL has a steering committee and needs one if it comes to "somebody
 needs to do a decision how to move forward" situations. The goal was to
have seven members in the EPEL Steering Committee, but for some months
we were only six: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EPEL/SteeringCommittee

Another member from the Steering committee plans to leave sooner or
later (likely sooner afaics). That means we have two vacant seats now
that we should fill. We could do a election for these seats or even do a
real Steering Committee election like FESCo does, but I think the number
of people that want to join the Steering committee is quite small and
the overhead of a election is not worth the trouble.

Thus I'd suggest: if you want to be part of the EPEL steering committee
then please self-nominate (either a reply in private or on the list; or
join the meeting tomorrow). Then we form a new steering committee out of
the existing members and those that self-nominated. If the total number
of people in the Committee is a bit bigger then 7 in the end we just
live with it if that's fine for everybody. Same if it's a bit smaller
(like it's now).

How much work is it to be on the Steering Committee? Well, the answer
depends on the fact how good you'd like to do the job. But here are some
of the things that Steering Committee members IMHO should do:

- make sure EPEL most contributers and users are happy

- make sure EPEL runs well

- try to improve EPEL in the long run

- do do the above you should try to join the meetings now and then and
participate in the discussions on the list


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