EPEL Meeting 2008-09-15 1700 UTC Summary and Raw Logs

Stephen John Smoogen smooge at gmail.com
Mon Sep 15 18:23:34 UTC 2008


1) New Signing Keys

The EPEL buildsystem was not a system infiltrated during the breakin.
There did not seem to be any evidence that the keys were taken.
However, since the other keys were updated, it is probably a good idea
for us to update the signing keys. mmcgrath will talk with stickster
about what would be needed or prudent to do.

2) Koji/Bodhi status

No status change on getting koji/bodhi updated to allow for RHEL
packages in it safely.
Plague server is now on new hardware and new system. Should work for
the time being.

3)  EPEL Sig meeting -- EPEL marketing

There were several meetings at and after the Red Hat Summit.. the
topic of how to better market it will be discussed onlist with quaid

4) EPEL Sig meeting -- Layered products (sub-repos)

This needs to be discussed more on list to see what is needed, and how
to better deal with products that need newer packages than RHEL

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