Broken Deps bugs and fixes for epel 5

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Sat Sep 20 23:05:15 UTC 2008


I took a look at the current broken deps as best I could for epel 5
today. (If I have time, I will try and look at epel 4 tomorrow). 
(I only have centos machines here, no RHEL, and no PPC boxes running

5 - stable
package: Django-docs - 0.96.1-1.el5.noarch from epel
  unresolved deps: 
     Django = 0:0.96.1-1.el5

Not sure what happened here. Looks like when the last Django was pushed
to stable the Django-docs subpackage didn't go with it. ;( 
Perhaps we should push the new Django + Django-docs package to stable
to fix this?

package: libkexiv2 - 0.1.6-3.el5.i386 from epel
  unresolved deps:

Even though I used '-n' to repoclosure, this appears to be due to an
older version of a exiv2 package still in the repo. 

package: thunderbird-lightning-wcap - 0.7-10.el5.i386 from epel
  unresolved deps: 
     thunderbird-lightning = 0:0.7

This is an old package thats been obsoleted (repoclosure doesn't do
obsoletes I guess). 

5 - testing
package: abgraph - 1.1-1.el5.noarch from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 

There is no httpd-tools for RHEL/CentOS5.

package: claws-mail-plugins-dillo - 3.3.1-1.el5.i386 from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 

dillo doesn't exist for epel.

package: emacs-gambit - 4.2.8-6.el5.i386 from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 
     emacs(bin) >= 0:21.4

RHEL/CentOS emacs doesn't provide that.

package: emacs-vala - 0.3.4-2.el5.i386 from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 
     emacs(bin) >= 0:21.4

RHEL/CentOS emacs doesn't provide that.

package: flumotion - 0.4.2-2.el5.i386 from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 

There is no pycrypto package, but there is a python-crypto.

package: gnome-applet-sshmenu - 3.15-5.el5.noarch from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 

ruby-gconf2 and ruby-panelapplet2 are not branched for epel.

package: grc - 0.70-3.el5.noarch from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 

There is already a filed request for el5 branch for gnuradio:

package: hellanzb - 0.13-5.el5.noarch from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 

2 bugs asking for python-twisted parts already:

package: hunspell-he - 1.0-7.el5.i386 from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 

hunspell isn't in epel/rhel. This should be requiring 'hspell' it

package: libkexiv2 - 0.1.6-3.el5.i386 from epel
  unresolved deps:

I'm not sure whats going on here. exiv2 provides this, so it should not
be a broken dep. Anyone see the issue here?

package: mediawiki-ParserFunctions -
1.1.1-1.20080520svn35130.el5.noarch from epel-testing unresolved deps: 
     mediawiki >= 0:1.10

No mediawiki builds yet.

package: perl-Collectd - 4.4.3-1.el5.i386 from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 

perl-Config-General isn't in epel yet.

package: perl-libwhisker2 - 2.4-3.el5.noarch from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 

Reported a long time ago:

package: python-Coherence - 0.2.1-3.el5.noarch from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 

python-nevow isn't in epel.

package: python-fedora-infrastructure - from epel
  unresolved deps: 
     python-fedora = 0:

I don't understand this one... it's in there and should be provided. ;( 
Anyone have any ideas?

package: python-peak-rules - from
epel-testing unresolved deps: 
     python-decoratortools >= 0:1.7

python-decoratortools 1.6 is available.

package: revisor-delta - from epel
  unresolved deps: 
     revisor = 0:

package: revisor-jigdo - from epel
  unresolved deps: 
     revisor = 0:

package: revisor-rebrand - from epel
  unresolved deps: 
     revisor = 0:

package: revisor-virt - from epel
  unresolved deps: 
     revisor = 0:

Not sure whats going on with these either. ;( 
Looks like it's there and fine to me. 

package: sshfp - 1.1.3-2.el5.noarch from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 

package: sshmenu - 3.15-5.el5.noarch from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 

Added to the sshmenu bug:

package: supybot - 0.83.3-7.el5.noarch from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 

No python-dictclient in epel.

package: tkimg - 1.3-0.8.20080505svn.el5.i386 from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 
     tcl(abi) = 0:8.4

RHEL package doesn't have this provides.

package: translate-toolkit - 0.10.1-1.el5.noarch from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 

Bug filed many months ago:

package: vala-docs - 0.1.5-5.el5.i386 from epel
  unresolved deps: 
     vala = 0:0.1.5-5.el5

Not sure on this one. Seems to be fine from what I can see. ;( 

package: vala-tools - 0.3.4-2.el5.i386 from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 

No gnome-common in rhel/centos:

package: viewmtn - 0.10-1.el5.noarch from epel-testing
  unresolved deps: 

highlight isn't in epel yet.

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