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On Mon, 2008-09-22 at 10:12 -0600, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Sep 2008 09:53:05 -0600
> smooge at ("Stephen John Smoogen") wrote:
> > Currently EPEL is set to meet every week at Monday 1500 UTC. This is
> > 0800 US/Pacific, 1100 US/Eastern, 1600 Western Europe time (during
> > summer hours).  It will move to being an hour later soon.
> > 
> > Does this time meet enough people's needs? If we move it later we will
> > run into other meetings, but can use #fedora-meeting-2 for that.
> Thats fine for me, later would be a bit better, but I can make either. 
> As a side note, I am not sure the 'fedora-meeting-N' channels are that
> usefull. The two advantages of the main meeting channel are: 
> 1) It allows a meeting/discussion thats not interfereing with a groups
> primary channel, and 2) it allows people to idle in that room and watch
> meetings that they normally wouldn't notice or attend and find out
> whats going on in the rest of the project. 
> For 1) the epel channel is pretty quiet all the time, so meeting there
> shouldn't disturb anyone I don't think, and for 2) the fedora-meeting-N
> channels don't work unless everyone wants to idle in about 5 additional
> channels. ;(

I've been thinking about that exact problem.  How about if we add
meeting channel usage one at a time?  (Paul Cc:'d as the guy who started
this new channel # thing.)

We only add the usage of a channel when the initial one is filling up
enough to make it hard to schedule meetings.  We hold the others in
reserve for the future.

Then people add just one new lurking channel at a time over a much
longer period, such as the year+ it took to fill up #fedora-meeting.

The reason is the same for the initial channel.  When people start going
to topic specific channels, they remove the visibility while increasing
the number of channels to lurk in to catch meetings.

- Karsten
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