qgis and qt libraries

David Juran djuran at redhat.com
Mon Apr 6 07:49:41 UTC 2009

On Sat, 2009-04-04 at 07:24 -0700, Michael A. Peters wrote:

> For qt3 The normal shared library does not version and I'm a hard core 
> gnome guy, so the few apps I have that use qt are not impacted by it. I 
> don't use anything else that uses qt4 so I don't know what that impacts.
> However the multithread qt library does version.

So an alternative would be to ship qt44 in EPEL... Just make sure it
really does not get in the way of the standard qt4.

> Obviously qgis isn't currently a candidate for EPEL because of the qt 
> issue, but it seems like the kind of software that university and 
> professional labs would want to have, and thus would be a potential 
> benefit to the Red Hat / CentOS community to have it available.
> I was hoping 5.3 would have the updated qt/qt4 but it didn't.

Typically libraries are not updated in minor-releases but rather bug
fixes (I was going to write bugs here (-: and potentially features are
back-ported to the existing version. What new feature of qt4 that isn't
in the existing qt-4.2.1-1 is it that you require? Would it be possible
to modify qgis to work with qt-4.2.1-1?

> How does one go about lobbying Red Hat to get the minor updates to those 
> libraries in the RHEL 5.4 update?

If you have a support contract and a business justification on why it
would make sense to update, please file a feature request to Red Hat
support. Or if you have a solid technical reason why the benefits of
updating outweigh the potential risk of introducing incompatibilities,
please file a bugzilla. But do keep in mind that RHEL, due to it's
nature, is very restrictive in updating a library mid-release

> I'm guessing RHEL 6 probably will have them (but I don't know) but it 
> probably would be of value for 5.4 to have them as well.

That would be a fair guess regarding RHEL6 (-:

David Juran
Sr. Consultant
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