EPEL SIG meeting - 2009-04-24

Kevin Fenzi kevin at tummy.com
Fri Apr 24 21:46:13 UTC 2009


- This time is not working out too well either. Will look at other
  times on the meeting app and see if we can get another time that
  works better for anyone: http://doodle.com/k9bu99fzkgwsd87q

- The announce list is going to be a fedora-announce style list, so I
  think we could have it also send announcements to epel-devel list. We
  can always change that if the traffic is bad or folks don't like it. 
  Please advertise epel-announce for epel users. 

- A new 'epel-package-announce' list will be created for bodhi
  announcements to go to, just like the fedora-package-announce list. 

- Bug day sometime in late may to try and work on some of the epel bugs
  that have piled up. 

- Prep to move to koji/bodhi continuing. 

Apr 24 15:00:01 ---	nirik has changed the topic to: EPEL SIG meeting
Apr 24 15:00:07 <nirik>	who all is around for an EPEL sig meeting. 
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Apr 24 15:04:35 <stahnma>	I am here
Apr 24 15:04:38 <stahnma>	just slow
Apr 24 15:04:43 <stahnma>	cause I wasn't paying attention
Apr 24 15:05:04 <nirik>	no worries. 
Apr 24 15:05:12 -->	EvilBob (n=EvilBob at fedora/bobjensen) has joined #Fedora-Meeting
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Apr 24 15:05:33 <nirik>	first item I had: Did we want to make announcements for the announce list also go to the devel list... or not? Is the scope of the announce list ok ?
Apr 24 15:05:55 *	stahnma is not too passionate about it either way
Apr 24 15:05:57 <--	Matias_Arg has quit ("Leaving.")
Apr 24 15:06:30 <nirik>	yeah, me either. I think if we a narrow scope on announce list, it should be ok to send those posts to devel as well... 
Apr 24 15:06:38 <stahnma>	fine with me
Apr 24 15:06:42 <--	mdomsch has quit (Remote closed the connection)
Apr 24 15:06:43 <nirik>	but I guess I can see it annoying someone too... not sure. 
Apr 24 15:07:15 <nirik>	ok. I can mail the list one last time I guess... 
Apr 24 15:07:40 <nirik>	also, I want to request a list for the bodhi package update announcements... we should have that in place as part of the koji/bodhi switch
Apr 24 15:07:52 <stahnma>	that's true
Apr 24 15:07:59 *	dgilmore has started looking at bodhi
Apr 24 15:08:07 <nirik>	cool. 
Apr 24 15:08:14 <nirik>	was just going to ask the current status?
Apr 24 15:10:29 <dgilmore>	bugzilla bit looks like it doesnt need modification
Apr 24 15:10:48 <dgilmore>	I dont think it will be hard
Apr 24 15:10:51 <dgilmore>	just some time
Apr 24 15:12:29 <nirik>	ok, cool. Happy to help there. 
Apr 24 15:12:42 <nirik>	next: Should we prep another testing->stable for the first of the month?
Apr 24 15:13:13 <stahnma>	I would think so
Apr 24 15:13:41 *	dgilmore notes that he will be travelling out of the country most of may 
Apr 24 15:14:20 <nirik>	ok. I don't think I can currently do pushes due to some permissions problem on the repos? 
Apr 24 15:14:25 <nirik>	can knurd do them? 
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Apr 24 15:17:18 -->	ChitleshGoorah (n=chitlesh at fedora/ChitleshGoorah) has joined #fedora-meeting
Apr 24 15:17:52 <nirik>	ok, lets see... other items: 
Apr 24 15:18:20 <nirik>	We should start pimping epel-announce to get interested folks subscribing. 
Apr 24 15:18:57 <nirik>	we should look at doing a bug day. 
Apr 24 15:20:01 <stahnma>	yeah, i've looked at several bugs
Apr 24 15:20:14 <stahnma>	and many of them are reuqests to update something to a newer version
Apr 24 15:20:20 <stahnma>	others are more valid of course
Apr 24 15:21:45 <stahnma>	a concern I ahve about the bug day is participation
Apr 24 15:22:18 <stahnma>	but I suppose we won't know until we try
Apr 24 15:22:21 <stahnma>	do you think May sometime?
Apr 24 15:22:24 <nirik>	yeah, no idea what we could get... 
Apr 24 15:22:34 <nirik>	yeah, may sometime would be good. With enough window to advertise. 
Apr 24 15:22:41 <stahnma>	we should probably talk to the fedora bug zappers crew
Apr 24 15:22:56 <stahnma>	and I should probably read more of their wiki entries
Apr 24 15:23:02 <stahnma>	I could probably learn a lot :)
Apr 24 15:24:19 *	nirik tries to think if he has anything more today he wanted to discuss. 
Apr 24 15:24:36 <stahnma>	I'd like a new meeting time :)
Apr 24 15:24:54 <stahnma>	even though I think I said I was free during this time, my brain is often mush by friday afternoon
Apr 24 15:25:34 <nirik>	ha. ok. I don't care, but I think it's good to meet weekly. 
Apr 24 15:27:45 <nirik>	stahnma: if you have a better time, can you look at the meeting time thing we had and pick a somewhat as good one? 
Apr 24 15:28:24 <--	johe has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
Apr 24 15:28:42 <nirik>	http://doodle.com/k9bu99fzkgwsd87q
Apr 24 15:30:06 <nirik>	anyhow, anyone have anything further they wanted to bring up?
Apr 24 15:33:25 <stahnma>	yeah, I'll do that
Apr 24 15:33:38 <stahnma>	obviously most others are not making this time either
Apr 24 15:33:42 <nirik>	yeah, seems so. 
Apr 24 15:33:53 <nirik>	I forgot last week, after noting it at the start of the day. ;( 
Apr 24 15:35:24 <nirik>	ok, so lets try another time I guess... 
Apr 24 15:35:28 <--	sdziallas has quit ("Ex-Chat")
Apr 24 15:35:32 <nirik>	and close out the meeting now and discuss on list. 
Apr 24 15:35:37 <stahnma>	ok
Apr 24 15:35:38 <stahnma>	:)
Apr 24 15:36:19 ---	nirik has changed the topic to: Channel is used by various Fedora groups and committees for  their regular meetings | Note that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora please ask in  #fedora | See http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Meeting_channel for meeting schedule
Apr 24 15:36:26 <nirik>	thanks for the meeting stahnma. :) 
Apr 24 15:36:36 <stahnma>	no problem
Apr 24 15:36:40 -->	maxamillion (n=adam at li23-229.members.linode.com) has joined #fedora-meeting
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