libowfat / dietlibc & opentracker

Simon Wesp cassmodiah at
Thu Aug 27 18:02:19 UTC 2009

Am Mittwoch, 26 August 2009 23:30:13 schrieb Matt Domsch:
MD> Simon, Enrico:
Hi Matt
MD> Thanks for maintaining libowfat and dietlibc in Fedora. I'm on the
MD> Fedora Infrastructure team, and am looking at adding opentracker to
MD> the repos for use by FI to serve our torrents over IPv6. 
An opentracker integration to Fedora is on my todolist, too....

MD> opentracker requires libowfat.  With some Makefile changes to opentracker,
MD> I've been able to get it to build against the F-10 branch of libowfat,
MD> which itself is built against dietlibc.
Haven't take a look in it yet.

MD> Neither dietlibc nor libowfat currently have branches for EL-5.
MD> Would you be interested in branching libowfat for EL-5, and making it
MD> build against glibc instead of dietlibc?  If dietlibc is needed (hence
MD> I copied Enrico), then we'll need that branched and built as well.
Life isn't a sugar icing on the top of a cake. If you want libowfat in EPEL,
request a cvs branch for it and do it yourself! 
I'm so unhappy with the perverse position of fedora referring to RHEL and
CentOS, that I'm currently not willing to contribute more epel-packages than I
already have done!

MD> Please advise.
I haven't an advise for you! :-(
Mit freundlichen Grüßen aus dem schönen Hainzell
Simon Wesp


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