moving to Koji

Dennis Gilmore dennis at
Wed Feb 25 15:12:07 UTC 2009

With the koji upgrade on the weekend support was deployed for external repos.  
this enables building of EPEL in koji. I have set up some tags and targets for 
doing EPEL scratch builds.  right now you can scratch build to dist-5E-epel 
and dist-4E-epel.  there is an issue i need to work around with EL-4  the old 
hack we used to provide a kernel to ppc doesnt work.  I am working on a 
solution to that.

To move building to koji we need to get bodhi setup and redo the release 
engineering process to closely match that of Fedora. What this means is that 
you will need to file a ticket with releng to have a package added to the 
buildroot  if you need to build against it.   it also means that things can 
hit stable sooner.  

Ideally id like to make the change quickly and transparently. Right now im 
aiming to do it on a saturday in march.  it will mean that we take plague 
downa nd disable builds in koji. we need to import epel into koji at that 
point in time. once everthing is imported and tagged, building can be enabled. 
All developers at that point in time will need to update there common 
checkouts to be able to build.

This email is intended to start discussion on the migration and allow people 
to bring up any concerns that they have.

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