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Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at
Wed Feb 25 17:21:45 UTC 2009

Thorsten Leemhuis wrote:
> On 25.02.2009 16:12, Dennis Gilmore wrote:
>> With the koji upgrade on the weekend support was deployed for external
>> repos.  this enables building of EPEL in koji. I have set up some tags
>> and targets for doing EPEL scratch builds.  right now you can scratch
>> build to dist-5E-epel and dist-4E-epel.  there is an issue i need to
>> work around with EL-4  the old hack we used to provide a kernel to ppc
>> doesnt work.  I am working on a solution to that.
> Sounds good.
>> To move building to koji we need to get bodhi setup and redo the
>> release engineering process to closely match that of Fedora. What this
>> means is that you will need to file a ticket with releng to have a
>> package added to the buildroot  if you need to build against it.   it
>> also means that things can hit stable sooner.  
> Ehh, do we really want that apart from security updates or important
> bugfixes (which we can and do push within minutes these days already if
> needed)?
> I ask because the "monthly" move from testing to the porper repos has a
> important side-effect: I slows everything down when compared to the
> quickly moving Fedora, which for EL repos IMHO is something good.
I think this would still be possible with bodhi by having the
epel_signers push to testing frequently but push to stable on a monthly
basis.  Have to ask releng/lmacken to be sure, though.

If that does work it gives packagers the ability to leave things in the
testing repo without having to explicitly tell people not to move it
everytime a new push to stable is being prepared.  Not sure if that
would be "abused" though.... likely there would need to be guidance on
whether it's proper usage of the testing repo to leave a package in
there forever.


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