Is something funny with mock build group?

Michael A. Peters mpeters at
Thu Jul 2 17:50:32 UTC 2009

Michael A. Peters wrote:

> As you can see, outside of mock, right after "rebuilding aclocal.m4" 
> there is a "rebuilding configure" followed by some autoheader stuff that 
> just isn't there when built inside of mock.
> I'm betting that's where the issue lies.

Here's the part of the buildconf script that seems to be to blame

   echo "using default Zend directory"

rm -f generated_lists

if test "$debug" = "yes"; then
   ${MAKE:-make} -s -f build/ ZENDDIR="$ZENDDIR" 
   ${MAKE:-make} -s -f build/ ZENDDIR="$ZENDDIR"
--- (EOF)

as it happens after the echo and that's the end of the file, so the 
issue seems to be with

${MAKE:-make} -s -f build/ ZENDDIR="$ZENDDIR"

behaving differently inside/outside of mock.

I think I'll dump the root cache and try again and investigate further. 

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