Odiecolon repo for EL5

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at leemhuis.info
Sun Jul 5 08:14:25 UTC 2009

On 29.06.2009 19:49, Radu-Cristian FOTESCU wrote:
>> * packages that are excluded from EPEL for legal reasons.
>> RPM Fusion can hold them however and is meant to be 
>> compatible with EPEL.
> If RPM Fusion is supposed to be "a better RPMforge", then
> I beg to opine that it fails.

That might happen. Especially if to many people start their own
repository instead of contributing to RPM Fusion. It all depends on the
people that take care of the packages and the repo.

> I would never use a repo which has 99% of the packages
> in folders labeled "testing". 
> It's like using EPEL-testing, which I am not using. But
> with RPM Fusion, you *have to* use the "testing" section!

That is because we look for somebody to do be kind of "release
engineer". Nobody really stepped up yet and RPM Fusion is thus for now
careful to officially announce support for EL & EPEL. But iwth a bit of
help it can get runing properly in one or two weeks afaics.

> Plus, it doesn't really match RPMforge's multimedia offerings
> (e.g. MPlayer *and* VLC).

Can be done, just needs somebody to take care of it. The Fedora
maintainer of vlc even showed a bit of interest iirc. Ohh, any mplayer
is in the testing repos for EL and EPEL.

> Moreover, knowing that RPM Fusion took years to come alive,
> even for Fedora, this doesn't make me trust it. It still has
> to prove it's as accountable for as EPEL. (Or maybe I'm 
> delusional.)

And you expect people to trust your brand new repo more? How many
contributors does it have? What will happen if one or two of them (you
for example) get married, one or two childs and a new exhausting new job
over the next few months that leaves spare time to nearly 0 hours a week?

> To put it one more time: as long as the ~126 RPMforge packages 
> won't be *all* in the "release" place instead of "testing",
> I won't even be considering that repo!

Then help RPM Fusion instead of competing with RPM Fusion, which just
leads to a situation that RPM Fusion solved in the Fedora land (e.g. the
competition between frehsrpms and livna)

> [...]


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