Odiecolon repo for EL5

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at leemhuis.info
Mon Jul 6 05:17:56 UTC 2009

On 05.07.2009 11:35, Radu-Cristian FOTESCU wrote:
>>> I beg to opine that it fails.
>> That might happen. Especially if to many people start
>> their own repository instead of contributing to RPM 
>> Fusion. 
> Well, I'm mostly a lonely guy and I used to be a distro 
> hopper. I even switched to XP for my home systems for 
> almost half a year, disgusted by the poor QA in most of
> the distros. I only went back to CentOS as a *compromise*
> -- you know, CentOS-5 is the new WinXP.
> I don't think this makes me appropriate for a RPM Fusion
> contributor, eh?

It's kind of expected that people that become contributor don't vanish a
few days later again, but that didn't happen up to now.

IOW: You'd be welcome as contributor if you want and if you yourself
think that you want do remain a contributor for the short term future.

>> That is because we look for somebody to do be kind of
>> "release engineer". Nobody really stepped up yet and 
>> RPM Fusion is thus for now careful to officially 
>> announce support for EL & EPEL.
>> But iwth a bit of help it can get runing properly in
>> one or two weeks afaics.
> Well, I still won't use something with almost everything
> in "testing". (And I 'liked' the way KB almost called me 
> an idiot when I mentioned that centos.karan.org has
> everything for 5 in "testing" since 2007.)

I get the impression you missed the point. Once we have somebody that
acts as release engineer we'd move things from testing to the proper repos.

> [...]
>> Then help RPM Fusion instead of competing with RPM Fusion
> But... would RPM Fusion include weird things such as GIMP 2.3.15
> as the last pre-2.4 version that builds without the need to 
> upgrade GTK+? (2.3.15 is really almost 2.4 in functionality, which
> is tremendously improved over 2.2.13.)
> I bet not.

Correct. See also the answer from Rahul.

> So I will still need my repo for this kind of stuff.

Yes and no. For now: yes. But RPM Fusion considered to have additional
repos with newer stuff. But they were not started due to lack of
manpower. Ohh, and just because one package need to be in a dedicated
repo it doesn't mean that other packages that would be nice to have in
RPM Fusion should be in there, too.


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