current orphan packages in EPEL

Dennis Gilmore dennis at
Fri Jul 10 15:39:42 UTC 2009

On Friday 10 July 2009 08:32:58 am Adam Miller wrote:
> What happens when Scientific Linux has some package that we conflict
> with, or maybe Eadem Enterprise AS, Fermi Linux, Lineox Enterprise
> Linux, Miracle Linux, NuxOne Linux, Pie Box Enterprise Linux, StartCom
> Linux, Tao Linux, White Box Enterprise Linux, or X/OS Linux?
> Where do we draw the line with exceptions to RHEL clones that are not
> synchronized with their "upstream"?
> -Adam
We only made the one exception for CentOS 4.  They came before us.  it was a 
one time thing for one release. 

Anything that moves into RHEL and in turn CentOS is removed from EPEL. 

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