Jigdo improvements

Ray Van Dolson rayvd at bludgeon.org
Tue Jun 2 21:34:13 UTC 2009

On Tue, Jun 02, 2009 at 10:54:08PM +0200, Jonathan Martens wrote:
> Since I recently had the need to use jigdo from EPEL and stumbled on  
> some problems/defects I am directing this to the epel-devel-list, not  
> sure if it is the right target, so if this is misdirected here, please  
> be so kind as to provide me to the proper channel(s).
> I am using the latest jigdo released in EPEL for EL5 the moment on  
> CentOS 5.3 at the time of writing: jigdo-0.7.3-4.el5
> When I installed jigdo a lot of libX related packages were dragged into  
> my minimal installation. Since jigdo has a functional CLI interface  
> (jigdo-lite) and a WYSIWYG interface which is currently not fully  
> functional).
> Since I do my work mainly on the CLI (on a system as minimal as  
> possible) I was wondering if it would be possible to split the package  
> in a non-WYSIWYG package (containing only jigdo-lite) and a WYSIWYG  
> package (containing graphical stuff), this would save me a lot of libX*  
> related packages:

You might want to open a bug at http://bugzilla.redhat.com/ against the
jigdo component.  It looks like iburrell maintains the EPEL version as
well as the Fedora version, so it's likely you could just request that
this package split occur.


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