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Ralph Angenendt ra+redhat at
Mon Jun 8 10:13:10 UTC 2009

Michael A. Peters wrote:
> mock-0.9.14-1.el5
> Only odd thing I'm doing - /var/lib/mock is a symlink to /mock/mock -  
> but that symlink is still there.
> [mpeters at athens ~]$ df -m |grep mock
>                          11904      1757      9533  16% /mock
> definitely not a space issue.
> Anyone off hand know why I suddenly can't build even noarch rpms in mock?

Yes. For some reason pam gets pulled in before coreutils:

009-06-05 10:46:39,494 - DEBUG, Line: 256: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.60706: line 6: cat: command not found
2009-06-05 10:46:39,495 - DEBUG, Line: 256: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.60706: line 7: rm: command not found
2009-06-05 10:46:39,497 - DEBUG, Line: 256: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.60706: line 22: install: command not found
2009-06-05 10:46:39,498 - DEBUG, Line: 256: /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.60706: line 25: install: command not found
2009-06-05 10:46:39,501 - DEBUG, Line: 256:  error: %post(pam- scriptlet failed, exit status 127

mock-0.6.3(!) works at least on 64bit hosts (meaning you'll see the
error, but the build continues).

The same happens on RHEL 5.3, so it is not a CentOS issue.

Not sure if there is a viable workaround for this at the moment.

See <>
ff. for a discussion (I know there are more, but that is the only one
I've found without too much searching. I'm sure that there was a bug
report of some sort on, but that one I really cannot
find at the moment.


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