June stable push ?

Thorsten Leemhuis fedora at leemhuis.info
Fri Jun 12 12:00:06 UTC 2009


On 09.06.2009 21:44, Xavier Bachelot wrote:
> Is anyone taking care of the stable push for June ?

FWIW, there IIRC wasn't even one in May either iirc.

> I guess Thorsten is probably busy with other stuff,

Yes, sorry, I was really busy with lot of RPM Fusion stuff and real
life; EPEL moved off by radar so I forgot about it.

In fact I feared exactly that and that was the reason why I months ago
(is it even more then a year now? not sure, can't remember) tried to get
away from EPEL nearly completely (¹), which was running quite fine back

But the latter not the case anymore. Sure, packagers are still doing a
whole lot of good work, but leadership/steering is afaics nearly not
existent at all, which IMHO is a dangerous situation for a project like
EPEL (especially as RHEL6 is not that far away anymore and we need to be
prepared for that).

Some examples: No weekly reports for months (which were a requirement
from FESCo when the EPEL Steering Committee was formed and thus should
still be written!), nearly no meetings and the steering committee
obviously doesn't even care if testing -> stable move get done. Hey, not
even one of the steering committee members actually answered your mail
in the past few days which IMHO tells us everything already.

Or IOW: what exactly did the steering committee do over the past six
months? Nearly nothing I'd say. Dglimore (maybe one or two others from
the Steering Committee; not sure,) did some work for koji and bodhi for
EPEL, but that's nearly all afaics.

IMHO it's time for the steering committee to say "Sorry, we screwed up,
we all step down; the last thing we do it to make sure a new steering
committee is formed somehow"

> but is anyone else able to take care of that ? 

Anyone can prepare one:

But I did it a few times already, so I can prepare another one quite easily.

> iirc, there are some perms issue.

That is still the case afaics. Only dglimore can actually do the push
and testing->stable moves.


(¹) Yes, I did prepare a few stable pushes over the past few months to
help out, but I mentioned a few times already that I didn't really want
to do them anymore; looking back at it I should have made it more clear
to prevent the current situation; sorry for that;

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