EPEL meeting summary for 2009-06-26

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21:00:00 <nirik> #startmeeting
21:00:10 <nirik> #meetingtopic EPEL
21:00:15 <nirik> #topic Init process
21:00:23 <nirik> who all is here for the epel meeting?
21:01:50 * ianweller sits in a chair in the back
21:02:16 <mmcgrath> nirik: I'm around.
21:03:27 <nirik> hey stahnma
21:03:36 <stahnma> howdy
21:03:40 <nirik> I guess dgilmore is still in south america
21:04:13 <nirik> I guess we can go ahead and start and see what we can come up with...
21:04:14 <f13> SA is still the same TZ though
21:04:34 <nirik> true...
21:04:51 <nirik> #topic Prepare for EL-6 builds?
21:05:10 <nirik> I'm not sure where this topic was added from, but it was on the wiki page. ;)
21:05:20 <nirik> I assume we will see some betas we could test with at some point.
21:05:59 <stahnma> I would hope so
21:06:14 <nirik> It might be cool if someone could mass rebuild fedora against it and see how much just builds ok out of the box...
21:06:19 <stahnma> I thikn the question was will we only branch stuff currently in EPEL, or a mass fedora branch?
21:06:22 <stahnma> yeah
21:06:24 <nirik> but that could be a pretty massive undertaking.
21:06:41 <stahnma> probably need dgilmore to weigh in on that one
21:07:03 <nirik> I would say only EPEL5 stuff, but make a lot of noise at the time and ask all maintainers to see if there are any packages they maintain that could/should be branched.
21:07:32 <stahnma> it's probalby not worth discussing too much yet
21:07:34 <nirik> ie, a fedora-devel-announce and lots of blog posts asking people to look at their packages and test build and see if they want to maintain them for epel too
21:07:41 <nirik> yeah, a bit early.
21:08:06 <nirik> anything else anyone wants to weigh in on here?
21:08:25 <nirik> ok, moving along...
21:08:38 <nirik> #topic Koji/Bodhi progress report
21:08:59 <nirik> I guess koji is done... hurray! but bodhi still needs some work...
21:09:28 <nirik> lmacken: you around? any idea on the patches for epel support? looking ok? more work? any eta? :)
21:09:33 <dgilmore> im here. network is flaky
21:09:44 <dgilmore> im waiting on lmacken now
21:09:52 <dgilmore> i need to send him patches for the mash configs
21:09:55 <nirik> welcome dgilmore. :)
21:10:04 <nirik> yeah, I last heard he was going to test some things?
21:10:30 <nirik> thanks for all your work on this... very appreciated.
21:11:11 <dgilmore> EL-6 builds we cant really do anything until redhat releases at least a alpha release
21:11:27 <nirik> yeah, just something to ponder for now...
21:11:48 <dgilmore> we should tag in teh base os's version of all epel pacakges  i.e F-11 or F-12 or whatever it is
21:11:57 <dgilmore> and then mass rebuild everything
21:12:21 <nirik> ok, I guess we can move along? unless anything else on this.
21:12:35 <nirik> dgilmore: thats a interesting idea... sync back to fedora versions.
21:12:51 <lmacken> nirik, dgilmore: I did a bunch of EPEL integration hacking earlier this week, and integrated dgilmores patches.  The test suite work, and I did a bunch of local testing, but we haven't tried doing an actual push yet.  releng1.stg was rebuilt, so now we have to deploy & test
21:13:16 * nirik is happy to assist testing if someone will show him how to run the commands, etc. ;)
21:13:19 <dgilmore> with CVS branches from the base fedorafedora release
21:13:21 <dgilmore> release
21:13:32 * quaid slides in to the back of the room, late
21:13:42 <dgilmore> lmacken ok
21:13:50 <lmacken> yeah, testing will probably consist of tweaking paths and mash configs
21:13:52 <dgilmore> lmaken we have a epel releng box
21:14:01 <nirik> dgilmore: I like that idea off hand. Means we reconverge on fedora versions and only make epel specific changes if needed on top of those...
21:14:01 <smooge> yes I would like to do a mass rebuild when we have a beta fro EL6
21:14:10 * smooge is really slow typing
21:14:12 <dgilmore> nirik: right
21:14:23 <lmacken> dgilmore: cool
21:14:52 <dgilmore> my net keeps dropping in and out
21:14:56 <lmacken> anyway, I'm going to try and get bodhi up and running in staging over the weekend
21:15:11 <dgilmore> lmacken: ok so monday we can look at deploying?
21:15:50 <lmacken> dgilmore: I'm headed to NYC for PDF monday-tues, so I'll be on and off, but I'll do what I can to get it working before then
21:17:03 <dgilmore> lmacken: ok. im flying home from Brazil
21:18:13 <nirik> ok, anything further on this topic?
21:18:58 <smooge> i think its looking like next week there will be more.
21:19:17 <nirik> yeah.
21:19:22 <nirik> #topic Bug Day
21:19:32 <stahnma> I sent out the last update to list
21:19:38 <stahnma> I need to send something out as a reminder
21:19:41 <stahnma> and talk to bugzappers
21:20:01 <nirik> cool.
21:20:04 <stahnma> I think that John was going to give a quick script to query for whiteboard field
21:20:16 <stahnma> I haven't had any time to look into python-bugzilla
21:20:33 <nirik> that could be handy
21:20:34 <lmacken> I pointed him at a bunch of examples last night
21:20:41 <smooge> Ok what was the day for that..
21:20:56 <nirik> It's July 11th.
21:20:57 <stahnma> bug day?
21:21:16 * Jeff_S waves...  better late then never for showing up for the meeting?
21:21:24 <nirik> welcome anytime Jeff_S
21:21:31 <stahnma> I was actually wishing I had added a category for messed up dependencies
21:21:38 <stahnma> we have quite a few bugs wth that
21:21:58 <nirik> we still could. ;)
21:22:07 <stahnma> then I have to re-read the bugs
21:22:16 <Jeff_S> I will be busy on July 11 http://deathride.com/  but I will think about bugs while I ride
21:22:19 <stahnma> and i've been through all of them at least once, many of them more than that
21:22:23 <stahnma> ha
21:22:26 <nirik> Jeff_S: fair enough. ;)
21:22:34 <stahnma> just fix some bugs before then
21:22:59 <nirik> ok, anything else on bug day?
21:23:41 <stahnma> not right now
21:23:45 <stahnma> more next week for sure
21:23:48 <stahnma> and on list this week
21:23:49 <smooge> ok looks like I will be double booked on that. I will be available in Mountain Time afternoon
21:23:57 <smooge> but I will work on it
21:23:58 * stahnma is brain-dead :)
21:24:07 <nirik> ok, moving along then...
21:24:12 <nirik> #topic Orphaned packages
21:24:21 <nirik> I thought I would bring up orphans again...
21:24:33 <nirik> do we want to try and make an effort to get people owning them?
21:24:46 <stahnma> I'd like trending on how many people orphan stuff or quite epel all together
21:24:53 <stahnma> nirik: we probably should
21:25:06 <nirik> yeah, not sure how to get that. ;)
21:25:17 <nirik> I guess I can post to the list a list of them and see if anyone is interested.
21:25:30 <nirik> #action nirik will post list of current orphans to the list
21:25:56 <nirik> currently my query isn't working, so not exactly sure how many we have.
21:27:01 <nirik> anyhow, just thought I would bring it up.
21:27:10 <stahnma> fair enough
21:27:10 <nirik> #topic Open Floor
21:27:16 <nirik> anyone have anything?
21:28:07 <Jeff_S> guess not
21:28:12 <smooge> not at the moment
21:28:15 <nirik> looking like not...
21:28:29 <nirik> I appreciate everyone meeting. I think it's good, even if we just go over things we know... ;)
21:28:34 <smooge> thanks ofr running things.
21:28:35 <nirik> keeps the work in the front of our minds. :)
21:28:42 <Jeff_S> nirik: thanks
21:28:50 <nirik> no problem.
21:28:51 <quaid> so, just since I was thinking about it ...
21:29:08 <quaid> I'm going to do a map of "Current|Suggested New" name mapping for the wiki
21:29:18 <smooge> quaid, do we have a list of EL-5.4 packages etc?
21:29:35 <quaid> it's not a lot pages ... so we can turn it over pretty quickly.
21:29:40 <quaid> smooge: hey! my favorite topic
21:30:01 <quaid> <honest_answer> I have no clue who to ask to get a permanent feed about that </honest_answer>
21:30:37 <quaid> do we have anyone in the release engineering group @redhat.com?
21:30:44 <smooge> quaid, I can understand. I think we need to get someone who has such an answer into a small room
21:30:46 <nirik> quaid: could we try and talk to notting/spot and see if they could find us someone?
21:31:03 <stahnma> oh yes, i was supposed to follow up on that
21:31:09 <stahnma> :( /me fail
21:31:18 <quaid> nirik: well, spot is probably the man to get us something, and he has said in the past he would, but ...
21:31:22 <spot> remind me when i'm back in the US.
21:31:23 <quaid> maybe we just need A Name from him
21:31:24 <spot> and I will do it.
21:31:27 <quaid> spot: will do
21:31:41 <nirik> coolness. :) thanks spot.
21:31:42 <quaid> stahnma: will you remember to poke Tom about it next week?
21:32:06 <stahnma> I'll do my best
21:32:16 * quaid too
21:32:19 <stahnma> #action stahnma will remember to ask about RHEL release engineering
21:32:50 * nirik doesn't know if that works for non chairs yet.
21:32:53 <nirik> #action stahnma will remember to ask about RHEL release engineering
21:33:08 <stahnma> I thought it did
21:33:15 <nirik> There are 53 orphaned packages currently in EPEL.
21:33:37 <nirik> out of 2665 packages.
21:33:38 <quaid> #action quaid to send a mapping of old:new wiki page names to epel-devel for comment before enacting
21:34:45 <nirik> ok, anything else anyone has?
21:35:10 * nirik will close out the meeting in 60seconds if nothing else comes up.
21:36:09 <nirik> #endmeeting
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