pausing from EPEL. Orphaning my packages?

Patrice Dumas pertusus at
Sun Jun 28 07:46:18 UTC 2009


Since the switch to koji I cannot rebuild my packages anymore as I am
on debian, and there is no way to install koji cleanly

I don't know exactly what to do in that case. Orphan my packages? Search
for co-maintainers who, upon receiving cvs commit, would build the package?
If somebody is interested in that, please put you at least in 
watchcommits and commit for my EPEL packages (and preferably also in 
watchbugzilla and I would gladly accept full co-maintainer).

In any case my packages will new maintainers for EL-6 since I won't 
maintain them myself given that I am not in fedora anymore -- though I 
could co-maintain them, like I do for my former fedora packages.


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