AWStats: any issues updating to 6.9?

Tim Jackson lists at
Sat May 30 12:15:47 UTC 2009

Although we obviously try not to do unnecessary version updates with 
packages, AWStats seems to me to be one a bit like ClamAV: if you don't 
keep it up to date then although the software still works, the benefits 
reduce, due to the fact you're constantly dealing with external data which 
changes (e.g. search engines, robots etc.).

So I'm planning to update AWStats in EL-5 to 6.9 (from 6.7). This is a 
relatively minor update with mostly bug fixes and improvements to data 
handling as above. Existing configs should still work without problems. If 
you use AWS and think this might cause a problem, shout now. Test packages 
are here:



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