Missing bladehpi.so in heartbeat-stonith-2.1.4-9.el5.i386

pierre.casenove at almerys.com pierre.casenove at almerys.com
Mon Nov 30 09:46:18 UTC 2009

It's working. i've updated all the packages and now I have bladehip.so.
During the update, I had to perform a rpm -Uvh --nodeps on package 
heartbeat-2.1.4-10.el5 because it was in a dependancy loop with package 

Only point is: when I launch command: stonith -t bladehpi -p 

I get the list of the blades hosted in the blade center and then a 
beautiful seg fault. But i'm don't think it is linked. Unfortunatly, I 
could not find any log.

Thanks a lot for this build.


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27/11/2009 05:43
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Re: Missing bladehpi.so in heartbeat-stonith-2.1.4-9.el5.i386
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Nevermind about filing a bug... went and made a new build while I was
thinking about it. 

Can you try: 


And provide positive karma if it works for you?

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