FUSE packages in EPEL

Ray Van Dolson rayvd at bludgeon.org
Fri Oct 16 23:15:58 UTC 2009

Quick summary of who's branched so far for EPEL:

Package                  Branch       Owner
glusterfs-client          devel       thias
glusterfs-client           EL-4       thias
glusterfs-client           EL-5       thias
fuse-encfs                devel       peter
fuse-encfs                 EL-5       peter
FUR                       devel    abompard
AcetoneISO2               devel        spot
fuseiso                   devel        spot
fuse-sshfs                devel       peter
fuse-sshfs                 EL-5       peter
gigolo                    devel       kevin
zfs-fuse                  devel        donv
fusecompress              devel    lkundrak
fuse-smb                  devel       szpak
curlftpfs                 devel    anderson
gvfs-fuse                 devel     tbzatek
fusecompress_offline1     devel      toshio
funionfs                  devel        limb
funionfs                   EL-5        limb
fuse-zip                  devel      rakesh

I'm not sure when we'll finally see CentOS 5.4, but since the above
require 'fuse', would there be any harm in beginning to release these
for RHEL 5.4 users?  CentOS users won't be able to install until the
'fuse' userland tools are released as part of 5.4...


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