Dennis Gilmore dennis at ausil.us
Thu Apr 29 18:09:46 UTC 2010

Hi all,

since RHEL-6 beta 1 has been announced and made public we have started to work 
on getting epel-6 into shape.

At this point if you have a package that has an EL-5 branch that you do not 
want a EL-6 branch for please add a file in the EL-5  branch called nobranch, 
please put in the file a reason why.  it could be as simple as "merged into foo 
in EL-6" we will not branch packages with them.  there is a 2 week window to 
add the file.  mass branching will take place on 14th May 2010.  We will also 
not branch anything that is in AP or AP-optional. they are what will populate 
the buildroots.

Additionally if you have a package that does not have a EL-5 branch but you 
want a EL-6 one please add it to the wiki 


Dennis and the rest of the EPEL team
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