Mock for EPEL4 with broken deps for ages

Stephen John Smoogen smooge at
Wed Aug 11 00:46:25 UTC 2010

On Tue, Aug 10, 2010 at 15:53, Michael Schwendt <mschwendt at> wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Aug 2010 10:13:52 -0600, Stephen wrote:
>> The best thing about EPEL is that there are no " the EPEL project
>> leaders" beyond those that are interested in the project.
> There's a page that distinguishes between the
> and the
> It's rather detailed and, for example, explains that the EPEL Steering
> Committee handles "practical packaging [...] maintenance and update policy
> for EPEL", and therefore its members should have interest in an issue like
> this.

Yeah... well ok I will start rewriting those.

>> Since you have expressed a lot of interest in things..
> Whether I have "a lot of interest" in EPEL, some interest only, or no
> interest at all, depends on several criteria. One such criterion is
> whether EPEL is founded on solid groundwork.
> The fact that this Mock breakage would have been found by a broken deps
> check (which is on the EPEL schedule for years) is just a minor detail.

You are correct. I will see what can be done to fix this with the koji
side of things.

>> what are your ideas on how we can fix this problem?
> I don't understand EPEL yet.

Me either brother, me either.

>> 1) We should  remove the FAQ documents?
> Seriously?

Yes. Seriously.. I know it sounded snarky, but I am getting over a 2
day stomach flu bug and am just wanting ideas on what we can do right.

> There's a lot of "talk" in those FAQs, which doesn't match reality. I'd
> favour a more honest/self-critical view of what EPEL is able to deliver
> today … as opposed to what it could deliver if it had enough volunteers
> to contribute.
>> 2) Would you like to be the EPEL-EL4 Tsar to deal with these issues?
> At present, you could not even tell _how_ "to deal with these issues".
> I've found only one. How many others are there? (e.g. run-time issues)
> One thing for sure, it wouldn't be much fun to have one group bring
> a package into EPEL and see how they drop the ball long before dist EOL.
> And then point at the FAQ and hope for another person (or group) to
> drag the package out of the mud.
> Bodhi doesn't know about any substantial testing of EPEL updates:

Yes.. that needs to change also.

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