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Thu Aug 12 18:25:53 UTC 2010

On Thu, 12 Aug 2010 12:42:21 -0500
Michael Stahnke <mastahnke at> wrote:

> Michael, thanks for the filings.  We're aware of many of the rubygem
> issues, and have bugs opened to fix them.
> I was playing with repoclosure a couple nights ago on EPEL and found
> quite a few dep issues, and was concerned that I was doing something
> wrong with it.  Perhaps I wasn't.

The repoclosure thing is anoying. Some background: 

- We could run repoclosure from anywhere against the centos repos. 
However, they are subtly different from the rhel repos we are building
against. (no ppc, possibly slightly different packages, etc). 

- I was hoping autoqa would land at some point and we could let it stop
  things with broken deps. That is supposed to be the first test it
  runs. Of course we would need to fix the other deps that are already
  in the repos. 

- We could run a script inside infrastructure, but not many people have
  access to the setup in there or are willing to debug issues with the
  scripts and get them working right. 

So, we need one of: 
a) someone to run these against centos regularly but note that there are
differences (no ppc, etc). 


b) Someone to help work on autoqa from an epel standpoint and get it
working for us. 


c) Someone willing to "own" the script and checking in infrastructure
and keep it working and make sure it's setup right and works moving

> EPEL Team -- Should we start planning another bug day?  It certainly
> is a goal to at least have the stable repo not have dep issues.

We could try this. I'd be happy to go in and try and get some things
cleaned up, or dropped if they are too broken. 

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