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Chris Adams cmadams at
Mon Aug 23 21:32:47 UTC 2010

Once upon a time, Michael Stahnke <mastahnke at> said:
> If each shop is doing it themselves, that's a lot of wasted
> productivity over the long haul.  Ideally, this is done in EPEL which
> will handle the default case (which is hopefully good enough for most
> shops).  After that shops may require adjustments to packages or
> produce newer ones in year 3-7 of the RHEL lifecycle.  I'd hope that
> EPEL can at least be a decent starting point though.

I package up several things myself, mainly because I need it "now".  I
have plans to push some of those packages to Fedora and EPEL (or just
EPEL, in the case of local rebuilds of Fedora packages), but I haven't
had enough round tuits to get that done.

I did separate my local RHEL repo into repos based on the source of the
package, like "fedora-add" for things I've rebuilt from Fedora,
"fedora-replace" for a few things where I needed a newer version than
RHEL/EPEL, "hiwaay-add" for my packages, etc.  Ideally that will make it
easier for me to work with Fedora and EPEL to get my work into the

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