epel beta report: 20100823 changes

EPEL Beta Report epel at fedoraproject.org
Mon Aug 23 23:23:12 UTC 2010

Compose started at Mon Aug 23 23:02:17 UTC 2010

New package fmtools
        Simple Video for Linux radio card programs
New package libXcm
        X Color Management Library
New package mac-robber
        Tool to create a timeline of file activity for mounted file systems
New package matio
        Library for reading/writing Matlab MAT files
New package nntpgrab
        Download files from the usenet
New package par2cmdline
        PAR 2.0 compatible file verification and repair tool
New package perl-AnyEvent
        Framework for multiple event loops
New package perl-BDB
        Asynchronous Berkeley DB access
New package perl-Email-Find
        Find RFC 822 email addresses in plain text
New package perl-ExtUtils-CChecker
        Configure-time utilities for using C headers, libraries, or OS features
New package perl-Return-Value
        Polymorphic Return Values
New package php-pear-Image-Canvas
        Common interface to image drawing
New package php-pear-Net-UserAgent-Detect
        Extract information from an HTTP user agent
New package php-pear-Structures-DataGrid-DataSource-Array
        DataSource driver using arrays
New package php-pear-Structures-DataGrid-DataSource-DataObject
        DataSource driver using PEAR::DB_DataObject
New package php-pear-Structures-DataGrid-DataSource-MDB2
        DataSource driver using PEAR::MDB2 and an SQL query
New package php-pear-Structures-DataGrid-DataSource-RSS
        DataSource driver using RSS files
New package php-pear-Structures-DataGrid-Renderer-Pager
        Renderer driver using PEAR::Pager
New package php-pear-Validate
        Validation Class for Various Data Types
New package php-pear-XML-Beautifier
        Class to format XML documents
New package php-pear-XML-Serializer
        Swiss-army knife for reading and writing XML files
Updated Packages:

* Mon Aug 23 2010 Nicolas Chauvet <kwizart at gmail.com> - 1.0.2-4
- rebuilt for cppunit update in EL6

* Sun Aug 22 2010 Arun SAG <sagarun at gmail.com> - 1.2.25-4
- Fixed instllation failure due to failed dependency gwave in EL5

* Fri Aug 20 2010 Robert Scheck <robert at fedoraproject.org>
- Upstream released (#625877, #625878)
- Added patch to fix wrong variable check at nopassword (#622428)

* Sat Aug 21 2010 Chitlesh Goorah <chitlesh [AT] fedoraproject DOT org> - 0.0.15-5
- Patch no longer needed with freehdl-0.0.7

* Fri Aug 20 2010 Parag Nemade <panemade AT gmail.com>- 0.1.8-1
- Update to next update version 0.1.8

* Fri Aug 20 2010 Peter Lemenkov <lemenkov at gmail.com> 1.2.1-6
- Fixed severe issue in early_announce module (see %patch12)

* Sat Jul 31 2010 Toshio Kuratomi <toshio at fedoraproject.org> 1.2.1-5
- rebuild for python 2.7

* Sun Aug 22 2010 Andrew Colin Kissa <andrew at topdog.za.net> - 3.6.0-4
- fix bugzilla bug #621785

Added Packages: 21
Removed Packages: 0
Modified Packages: 7

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