Catalyst in EPEL 6

Iain Arnell iarnell at
Wed Aug 25 04:11:56 UTC 2010

On Tue, Aug 24, 2010 at 11:59 AM, Mark Chappell <tremble at> wrote:
> Edward Trochim wrote:
>> We are seriously considering using Catalyst for a new webapp we will be developing soon and we want to be able to deploy it using the same mechanisms as all our other software. We could use CPAN, and we are prepared to go that route if we need to, but we would prefer to keep everything in RPMs. There are actually several deployment strategies I am investigating right now, this is just one of them.
> Are you already a Fedora Packager?

In his original post, Edward indicated that he's not.

> If so then cweyl seems quite happy
> to let people maintain his packages over in EPEL.
> The packages I've not built yet in that list are because I've not had
> chance to chase done the last few dependencies and I've been on holiday
> and am about to move country.  I'm willing to help co-maintain the extra
> packages in EPEL, but I'm unlikely to be doing that much over the next 2
> to 3 weeks.

I'd be happy to co-maintain cweyl's packages with you. I'll fire off a
bunch of SCM admin requests later today and start pushing some builds.


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