New git in EPEL?

Todd Zullinger tmz at
Fri Aug 27 20:08:00 UTC 2010

R P Herrold wrote:
>>Do you have the emacs-git package installed?  And do you use the
>>emacs git integration?  That's the part that needs some love, as
>>upstream git now rely's on the files shipped as part of emacs >=
> nope -- using one operating iscomplex enough for me  ;)

Haha, I completely understand.

>>An emacs user who can help us find and test a good solution is what
>>we need.
> * nod *  thus my poke to smooge, as to some testing

I did notice since I posted the other day that it's not git-init.el
that's different between us and RPMForge.  The trouble is in the lack
of a vc-git.el script in newer upstream releases.  The RPM Forge
packages don't do anything about this, so I would presume that they
either haven't noticed the change or don't care enough about emacs
support to let it hold up a nice git update (which I can understand).

If there are as many emacs-git users of the RPM Forge packages as
there are of the EPEL packages, I can see how simply dropping that
functionality could easily go unnoticed. :)

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