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Mon Dec 13 17:13:21 UTC 2010

The following Fedora EPEL 4 Security updates need testing:


The following builds have been pushed to Fedora EPEL 4 updates-testing


Details about builds:

 zarafa-6.40.4-1.el4 (FEDORA-EPEL-2010-3792)
 Open Source Edition of the Zarafa Collaboration Platform
Update Information:

Changelog 6.40.4 final [24200]

Important notes:

 - Fedora is not shipping the new multi upload of attachments, because it uses the swfupload.swf flash file. Zarafa is not shipping any source code of this MIT licensed file and it hasn't been clarified so far whether Fedora is able to build the source code of this flash file only with an Open Source flash compiler. Fedora's Packaging Guidelines and Policies don't allow to ship flash files that haven't been build from the source ourself.
 - Reverted Fix: Z-Push: Newly created items that are send to the server in between batched of the initial sync are send back as adds by the server (was causing a loop because of other missing merges these will all be in Zarafa 6.40.5).


 - Fix: Search on email domain doesn't return results when searching with the indexer.
 - Fix: Segfault zarafa-server 6.40.4. (rare occasion)
 - Fix: Setting send-as rights on group is possible but should not work.
 - Fix: Error in Thunderbird after moving e-mail
 - Fix: Zarafa-server segfault when recovering deleted items.
 - Fix: SQL error: Out of range value adjusted for column 'val_hi'  in table properties.
 - Fix: Some message get multiple add changes during the initial sync.
 - Fix: Zarafa-indexer may skip users when server was upgraded from 6.xx to 6.40.
 - Fix: Sever thinks that there is a commercial license.
 - Fix: Adding public calendar over caldav will use users calendar or show all public calendars.
 - Fix: spooler can deadlock.
 - Fix: Can delete the task folder via Ical.
 - Fix: Can edit private appointments on the iphone/ipad.
 - Fix: Send-as rights on group not working.
 - Fix: Readable-index.pl doesn't work correctly with v:3 index files.
 - Fix: DAgent fallback delivery on mail "parsing failed: 0x00040380".
 - Fix: Sendas settings are updated after user is removed in ADS.
 - Fix: Zarafa-server 6.40.2 final segfault.
 - Fix: Upgrade from enable_sso_ntlmauth to enable_sso is not working correctly.
 - Fix: BES5 will not successfully resolve name when there are username who look the same.
 - Fix: Server refused to die.
 - Fix: Unix socket is created with wrong permissions.
 - Fix: Zarafa 6.40.2 seems to have a memleaks. (Rare occasion).
 - Fix: Zarafa-backup 6.30.15 segfault public store.
 - Fix: Small memleak in the zarafa server.
 - Fix: Zarafa-spooler loops with 100% cpu when SMTP server is missing.


 - Improvement: Download all attachments in 1 zip file.
 - Improvement: Task recurrence support.
 - Improvement: Task request support.
 - Fix: Recurring task has no indication that it is recurring.
 - Fix: Message with read receipt keeps asking to send a response.
 - Fix: Unable to accept/decline task request when it contains an attachment.
 - Fix: Accepting task request is not increasing  new task counter.
 - Fix: Freebusy error in Ooutlook due to setting rights on calendar and not in inbox.
 - Fix: When deleting a appointment the pop-up notify attendees does not cancel action on cancel.
 - Fix: Multi-upload gives script error in internet explorer.
 - Fix: Space for the new flash upload text is not enough for all languages.
 - Fix: Very fast dragging & dropping in calendar can result in duplicated or empty appointment.
 - Fix: Resize appointment by dragging will go use a wrong start/end time.
 - Fix: Appointment marked as unread in your calendar, will be not be marked as read after opening them.
 - Fix: Propose new time is shown as 'imput screen'.
 - Fix: Cannot create a 0 minute appointment.
 - Fix: Send mail button in the Global address book window to local contact doesn't show email address.
 - Fix: New>appointment will not take the day you are on in the date picker or selected time in calendar.
 - Fix: Move mail without destination folder selected will make mail disappear.
 - Fix: Semicolon missing after updating a meeting request.
 - Fix: Sending mails to groups fails in webaccess.
 - Fix: Meeting request items are not opened in a readmail dialog from inbox folder.
 - Fix: Signature drops down two lines in new mail on the first enter done in the body.
 - Fix: Reply on a email with email attached will include the attached mail.
 - Fix: Creating a recurrent appointment in the webaccess will always trigger the zarafa-fsck with missing property.
 - Fix: Private calendar item not respected in list-view in WebAccess.
 - Fix: Changing appointment length deletes appointment.
 - Fix: Drag email to task button will make the email disappear .
 - Fix: Multi-select items in Advanced Find dialogue not possible.
 - Fix: From and To columns in Advanced Search windows.
 - Fix: Config option in WA to disable html filter.
 - Fix: Extra config option in WA to force SSO to be off or on.
 - Fix: Extra info Shortkeys help.
 - Fix: Items can be moved to root folder.
 - Fix: Search combo does not drop down in chrome/safari.
 - Fix: Backslashes are discarded when sending plain-text body in Webaccess.
 - Fix: Free busy of first appointment is shown when opening series of recurrence.
 - Fix: Forwarding email on behalf of will not contain attachment if (auto) saved as draft before sending.
 - Fix: Add config option to hide "Delete permanently" button in Restore items wizard.
 - Fix: Calendar items not visible selected after switching calendar views.
 - Fix: Convert Email to task breaks on umlauts in subject and owner name.
 - Fix: Remove an accepted meeting request without sending an update can't be done.
 - Fix: Webaccess adds escaping character opening email address with fullname between quotes.
 - Fix: Translate HTTP Error Message.
 - Fix: Contact birthday: You must specify a valid date.
 - Fix: Resize appointment by dragging will go use a wrong start/end time.
 - Fix: Deleting a task as assignee will result in a unknown item in you task list.
 - Fix: Due date in the past pop-up> Cancel does just continue.
 - Fix: Setting a task to complete will not send completion message.
 - Fix: Assign task button available in assigned task but does nothing.
 - Fix: Not all info filled in in task assign message.
 - Fix: Can mark assigned task complete via quick edit.
 - Fix: Setting due date of task request on today will give pop-up due date is in the past.
 - Fix: Changing appointment length deletes appointment.

* Sun Dec 12 2010 Robert Scheck <robert at fedoraproject.org> 6.40.4-1
- Upgrade to 6.40.4

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