EPEL6 release date + channels

Kevin Fenzi kevin at scrye.com
Fri Dec 3 16:54:07 UTC 2010


2 items for more discussion here/in the next meeting: 

1. We should probibly pick/set an exact date for EPEL6 to move out of
beta. This would help maintainers and users in planning when they want
to use it or when they want to push newer stuff out before things go to
stable. Also, we should do some marketing: announcement, press release
if we can figure out a way to do it, posts to RHEL end users

How about 2010-12-13 ? 

2. In RHEL4/5 we decided that we would not ship anything that was in
"advanced platform", which is the base server repo + other channels
that were offered as srpms next to it on mirrors. 

In EPEL6, what shall we do? We have server/server-optional currently
used for the buildsystem, but I am not sure what all channels are out
there, and they don't seem to be putting any of the other channels on
mirrors, so we cant see that. A good example is the HA stuff. There's a
"Server/HighAvailability" that has packages like pacemaker in it.
However, parts of that package are also in server optional (the -docs
and -cts subpackages), so the src.rpm is shipped in server, even though
it's not in server. Also, we have the case where virt is only x86_64,
so a bunch of packages are not available in the 32bit repo. We said
folks could ship an epel version of those thats just a rebuild of the
rhel srpm? 

So, it's a mess. :) Can anyone come up with some method or way for us
to tell what we should and should not ship for epel6? Can folks see
other channels or items that we need to consider?


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